Results Open Championship Zabkowice Slaskie in the barbell bench press Lying


May 1 in the hall Solar another edition of the Open Championship Zabkowice Slaskie in the barbell bench press lying. Top built up over dwustukilowe weights.

Like last year the best was Andrew Kocyła from Złotoryja. 12 months ago Kocyła struggle ended with a score of 230 kg, on Saturday afternoon over his head went barbells about five kilograms heavier. A player hands down won the category up to 105 kg, and after conversion points Wilks (points are calculated based on the weight of the rider and the result achieved) proved to be the best in the OPEN category. Second place in the OPEN went to Luke Januły of Ladek Zdroj, which started in the category up to 83 kg, and third place went to Christopher Balys of Boguszów-Gorce, starting in the category up to 120 kg.

Among the ladies took off four players. Bozena Tomczak won the Ladek Zdroj, second place went to Sandra Kowalska Wroclaw, and the third Irena Korpok of Zabkowice Slaskie.

In the men’s category municipality Zabkowice Slaskie represented by three players – Jaroslaw Buczko, Luke and Nick Damian Baginski. The first two in their categories took place on the podium. Buczko lifted 190 kg and took the second place, Nick raised over themselves and 152.5 kg in his weight class took third place, and also in the junior category came in second position.

Championship barbell bench press Lying eye Zbigniew Puppets []:


– I think that the organization of competitions has been received by the fans and the participants themselves very positively. Players were very happy and spoke about our party in superlatives, and for me, as an organizer, is the most important. Eventually took off 62 players, therefore, the turnout was fine – says Jarosław Buczko, which in addition to the start once again played the role of the main organizer of the event.

– From his start’m not happy. Although in the third approach squeezed 200 kg, it was not recognized by the judges, as bar at some point stopped, which is not allowed – do not hide the disappointment sieroszowianin. Buczko recalled that counted on the alignment of your life record (205 kg), but as he says, it’s hard to be in the role of organizer and prepare life form.

– The priority for me was the organization, and this fared very well, so I’m satisfied. Taking the opportunity, I would like to thank all the players for coming and for a great sports fight to the last approach, as well as people who have helped me in the organization of the imprezy- adds 24-year-old.


Below we present a complete classification:


1. Patrick Duraj (122.5875 Wilks)
2. Luke Nick (110.654)
3. Luke Gajdulewicz (108.328)
4. Patrick Hajduk (107.933)
5. Michal Zygmunt (104.085)


1. Krzysztof Szyszko (102.500)
2. Hubert Raba (91.356)
3. Kacper Bielawski (80.291)
4. Kamil young man’s (77.66975)
5. Sebastian Jędrzejewski (77.396)


1. Andrzej Kocyła (140.765)
2. Jerzy Jankowski (122.923)
3. Robert Sacewicz (117.756)
4. Slawomir Tomczak (115.648)
5. Zbigniew Paszek (114.532)


1. Andrzej Kocyła (140.765)
2. Luke Januła (135.654)
3. Krzysztof Balys (132.273)
4. Artur Kiczuk (129.950)
5. Arkadiusz Skrzypczak (125.106)

OPEN Women:

1. Bozena Tomczak (78.98)
2. Sandra Kowalska (74.61)
3. Irena Korpok (55.1252)
4. Elizabeth Firganek (54.1065)

Best Ząbkowiczanin:

1. Jarosław Buczko (128.326)
2. Luke Nick (110.654)
3. Damian Baginski (93.648)
4. Irena Korpok (55.1252)

To 74 kg:

1. Luke Wółkiewicz (172.5 kg)
2. Slawomir Tomczak (160 kg)
3. Luke Nick (152.5 kg)
4. Wieslaw Kiwacki (150 kg)
5. Bartosz Kuriata (147.5 kg)

To 83 kg:

1. Luke Januła (202.5 kg)
2. Jarosław Buczko (190 kg)
3. Zbigniew Boczar (177.5 kg)
4. Patrick Duraj (175 kg)
5. Krzysztof Wachowiak (155 kg)

To 93 kg:

1. Patrick Kozieł (200 kg)
2. Andrew Juraszek (180 kg)
3. Patrick Hajduk (170 kg)
4. Andrew Śmieszek (170 kg)
5. Daniel Sobolewski (140 kg)

105 kg:

1. Andrzej Kocyła (235 kg)
2. Dominik Flinik (190 kg)
3. Zbigniew Paszek (190 kg)
4. Adrian Pychlik (185 kg)
5. Luke Gajdulewicz (175.5 kg)

120 kg:

1. Krzysztof Balys (230 kg)
2. Jerzy Jankowski (207.5 kg)
3. Marek Sadowski (205 kg)
4. Daniel Pillar (200 kg)
5. Hubert sons (165 kg)

Above 120 kg:

1. Artur Kiczuk (230 kg)
2. Arkadiusz Skrzypczak (227.5 kg)
3. Robert Sacewicz (207.5 kg)
4. Gregory Kantor (187.5 kg)
5. Krzysztof Halczyk (185 kg)